Mila’s Birth Story

Our sweet baby girl is already two weeks old tomorrow I can’t believe it. If you follow our lives at all you know that literally nothing we try to plan ever seems to go the way we think it’s going to…. that being said, here is Mila’s birth story 🙂 Keep Reading

My pregnancy symptoms from the very beginning

As I get closer to my due date (8 days) and the end of my pregnancy I can’t help but start looking for signs and symptoms of impending labor. It reminds me of when I was first hoping to be pregnant but it was still to early to test. I, like probably most women trying to conceive, would wonder about any possible sign. So, here are some of my earliest pregnancy symptoms and some I’ve had throughout my pregnancy.

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Why we won’t be announcing when I go into labor

We currently live in the world of over sharing. At literally anytime you can scroll your news feed and read about someones break up, what they had for dinner, or the consistency of their child’s poops. So it’s not at all surprising for people to post those long awaited “it’s time!” or “we’ll be having a baby TODAY!” statuses with pictures of momma-to-be sitting in her delivery room but we won’t be doing that and there are a few reasons why… Keep Reading

36 week Pregnancy Update and Post-Partum Plan

36 weeks! We are going to have a baby VERY soon 🙂 Some of you may know I got pregnant only a few short months after competing and taking second in my very first bikini competition! I basically went from the best physical shape of my life to, well, being pregnant! Competing alone can have a huge impact on someones body image and the changes women experience post show can be hard enough without being pregnant so I thought I’d give an honest update on where I’m at now and what my plan is after Mila is born!

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Whats in my hospital bag?

After my baby shower I started putting together my hospital bag. I had gotten anything I was going to need for Mila and I only had to get a few things for myself still. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow (7/22) so my bags are packed early but my mom went into labor 3 weeks early with me so better safe than sorry right? Right. I am probably either over packed or missing things but I’m a FTM and there are SO MANY lists out there that claim you NEED so many different things so I just tried to compile the things I think I will most likely want during and after labor 🙂 I will try to link some of the items in case you’re interested in where I got them!

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My Baby Shower

You guys! I cannot believe how incredibly lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives! I am not one to like to be the center of attention or up in front of everyone so I will admit I was really nervous for a shower with the focus on me and my growing babe but everything turned out amazing. Mila is, already, one loved little girl!

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We Planned for a Baby When We’d be Apart?

Maybe you’ve heard people joke about things not going as planned or not being able to plan anything in general when you’re a military family. Well it didn’t take long for us to learn this truth first hand…

Our plan (lol): Abram and I had decided to try for a baby the month before he was originally supposed to leave for basic. We’d decided to give baby making a shot at that point because the more we talked about it we wanted our baby to be born here in Ohio. For a couple reasons besides the obvious of wanting to start a family already. First was so our families wouldn’t have to travel across the country (or possibly the world depending on where we get stationed someday) to meet the first grandchild on both sides, we want to travel when we’re able and we don’t know the next time we’ll be back to visit. Second was because I wanted to choose my Dr. and hospital and have a good idea of their reputation as well as have the same one throughout my whole pregnancy. We honestly thought it was a long shot but wanted to at least try that month. Sure enough we got pregnant!

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