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Father’s Day care package

Okay, technically Abram is not a full blown “Father” yet. I don’t think he really feels like one quite yet since hes spent most of this pregnancy in another state but I assure him the little kicker in my tummy very much makes him a daddy! Keep Reading

Visiting for BMT Graduation! Part 1

I think I started planning and researching for this trip back when Abram just started talking to an Air Force recruiter and no amount of knowledge about where to stay, what to see, the schedule of events, the RULES ever seemed to be enough for me! I’ll admit I was probably alittle obsessive over the whole thing but I had just found out we were expecting and the combination of traveling pregnant and traveling somewhere new without my husband to save the day (or just plain be the one to deal with the people if something went wrong) was alittle nerve wracking. Anyway, here’s my experience traveling to San Antonio for his graduation. Nothing could’ve brought me down after seeing my hubby for the first time in like 7 weeks but trust me things tried! Keep Reading


So, this is my first official blog post and I figured I would take a second to tell ya’ll why I decided to start a blog in the first place! If you don’t know me already, take a second and head over to my About page. If you’ve already visited there then you know I’m an Air Force wife and will be moving across the country to a (yet to be determined) new location to start life over with my husband and our daughter. Between now and then, the move itself, and all the experiences that will come with being new to not only military life but also new to mommin’ I have found myself with alot to say, and share. on this blog you’ll be able to find anything from our experiences, and what I learn from them, to probably some plain old venting sometimes. I plan to use this blog to share all our adventures with our friends and family. I also hope if other milso’s come across it they can laugh and cringe as they remember being where I am or maybe learn something if they are just starting their journey. That being said if you’re a military significant other, or new mom as well and wanna be friends feel free to reach out! Otherwise, read and enjoy and bare with me as I learn the ins and outs of blogging 🙂