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Life lessons with Amanda: lesson 2

So I was browsing instagram and saw someone who has been rude, hurtful and straight up mean to me in the past make a post about their journey, goals and supporting other women. Now at first I was annoyed by this. How can you sit here and say everyone is beautiful in their own way when you’ve body shamed me? How can you act so positive when you’ve tried many times in the past to make me feel bad about myself or my life?

Then I realized I am part of the problem! You see I had vowed to pray for this person and others who mistreat me because I know that when someone treats others badly its usually because they’re unhappy with themselves. I prayed that one day they would find the happiness that I had and that maybe once they had they’d be more understanding or empathetic and no longer have the desire to bring others down. So if it has happened, if they’ve turned a new leaf now it’s my turn to be happy and supportive and not to put them down or make them feel bad about themselves.

Hate only multiplies hate and I think its easy to hate. It’s hard to love sometimes, especially when its someone who has mistreated us. It’s hard to put yourself out there and be vulerable. So I challenge everyone to love those who have hurt us, support and encourage one another. Being genuine and real and kind are some of the best qualities you can have. So, if you’re reading this keep working on bettering yourself, being a more positive, suppprtive person and meeting hate with love.