SAHM Chronicles: Newborn must haves! 0-3 months

Since Mila is well over the newborn phase now I think I can share the things that worked for us!

Mila was not the typical baby from what I hear. She didn’t like swaddles and didn’t take a pacifier. So if I could give any advice it would be hold off on buying like 100 swaddles and cute wubbanubs until you know if your baby will even use them.

When Mila was really young she got breast milk in a bottle (for the first few weeks of her life) she took these Avent bottles with no problem, that is until we switched to the breast but you can read more about that in our breastfeeding journey.

Mila was a pretty great sleeper those first few weeks but once she started to become more aware and was awake alittle more I pretty much relied on her rock n play to get anything done during the day. Funny thing about this is I had seen tons of people say how you NEED one and idk why but I didn’t listen and didn’t register for or have any intentions of getting one. Well, a family member got me one anyway (thank you is not enough I should write them another thank you card now that I know just how life saving this was) and it was the best. I could shower while she sat in it, cook, laundry…it was the only place she’d happily lay for more than like five minutes besides my arms.

Next thing is this nipple shield. This probably saved breastfeeding for us. It helped Mila learn to latch really simple as that. If your baby has latching issues try one we only needed it for a couple weeks and she was nursing fine!

Last thing is BLANKETS. I thought I had way too many. Seemed like every gift I got at my shower had some blankets in it, I had every kind a some doubles. Well I am glad I kept them all. We use blankies for everything especially because Mila gets reflux so she spits up pretty much constantly and I’m telling you right now those little burp cloths didn’t stand a chance. I put them under her when she sleeps, tuck them in my shirt while she nurses, wrap her in them. You cannot have too many blankets just believe me.

Last thing I discovered worked great for Mila when she started to have “witching hour” was gripe water. I was so hesitant about giving this to her because you hate to give your little baby anything unless you’re 100% sure about it but with this I wish I’d tried it sooner. Her doctor even approved of using it as often as needed, which was really only once in the evenings sometimes. It’s tough because the dose is alot but by the time I got her to take about a half dose she’d already be a totally different baby! Literally from kicking and screaming to laying happily in minutes. Maybe it’s placebo or voodoo I don’t know but I’ll take it.

Besides the obvious things like clothes and diapers, these are the things I would 100% tell any expecting mom to get or try and she would not be wasting money. Mila wasn’t a very difficult newborn and didn’t require anything too specific but for us these we’re absolute needs and made both mommy and Mila happy 🙂

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