My new years resolution 2018

I have never, not even once, had a serious new years resolution that I had any intentions of sticking to but that’s all going to change this year….(hopefully)

This year I am resolving to completely quit spending money on myself for things that aren’t “needs”….that’s right I’m giving up shopping for myself for a whole year! I was gonna give up sweets but I wanted to give myself a fighting chance ya know?

This isn’t necessarily about money although I’m sure our bank account won’t mind the break. LOL

It’s more about breaking the hold material items and marketing have over me. I wouldn’t say I’m a shopaholic or overly materialistic but as the holidays approached and we were bombarded with advertisements I found myself thinking “I need that” about things that are most definitely not needs, more and more often. Then I would catch myself and think why? I have everything I truly need, a roof over my head, food, my family is healthy. I definitely have more than enough clothes, shoes, bags. None of those things were going to improve my quality of life. What makes my life feel most full are my husband and daughter, not things.

The second reason is I’m sick of regretting purchases! I mean this in 2 ways. First, I have a terrible habit of buying something like an outfit for an event or specific reason and then never wearing it again…or worse if the plans are cancelled sometimes I never wear it at all and chances are I had something that looked just as nice already at home. Second is I have noticed things are not always the quality you expect or pay for. Nothing is worse than buying something that never fits the same after you wash it once or noticing things just don’t last and break down way sooner than you hoped.

So as of January 1st 2018 I will no longer be shopping for myself. I will only be buying the things I need…food, toiletries, things like that for an entire year…hopefully. (Abram asked if I’m going to be giving up Starbucks with this and that’s a hard no, your girl needs some small joys in life). Now excuse me while I do my last shopping before the clock strikes midnight!

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