Mila is 4 months!

So we are a week and a half late because……


Mila loved her time with him. From the second we got home from the airport she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Seeing him with her is also my favorite thing in the world.

At Mila’s 4 month appointment she was 17 lbs 2oz and 25 inches long! She is wearing 6/9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

She prefers to be standing any chance she gets and is rarely satisfied with laying for very long anymore.

She is very curious. Always has to be able to see what’s going on and is getting more and more interested in toys but still hates tummy time.

Hasn’t quite figured out rolling over yet, partially because she is too busy getting grumpy when laying on her tummy to try. She does try to roll from back to belly to see things though and she’s very close! She also loves to talk to us and test out her voice.

August 2017

December 2017

Alot has changed is just a few short months and we are so thankful for this time we got to spend together and to see our little M celebrating her first Christmas!

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