Mila is 3 months!

Seems like Mila is changing and growing so fast! We’re very thankful for such a happy healthy thriving baby! 

She is currently wearing 6 month sized clothes. I think she weighs around 15 lbs. We go back to the doctor next month.

She is starting to try rolling from her back to her belly but still needs lots of help. She still isn’t a fan of tummy time, but loves playing on her back under her arch of hanging toys and kicking her feet.

She loves to be sitting up but has to have some assistance. She’s not so sure about her bumbo seat yet and her legs are kinda chunky for getting in and out of it.

She is sleeping 6 to 8 hours at night without waking up which mommy likes!

She loves seeing and hearing daddy on face time and “talks” back to him! She is very expressive and looks so much like Abram! She is cooing more and more and we’ve even had a few giggles! (Best sound ever)

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