Mila Faye is 2 months old!

Today Mila turned 2 months! She also had her 2 month doctor visit and shots!

Mila is now holding her head up as well as smiling and cooing at me!♡


She loves to watch daddy on face time, see herself in mirrors and staring at the ceiling fan. She is getting so strong and kicks like crazy.

She was 13lb 2oz and almost 23 inches long today!


She even took her shots like a champ and has been resting up ever since her appointment.

Her doctor suggested using vitamin d drops since shes breastfed so we stopped by the store on our way home and passed a car completely covered in “anti-vax” slogans including “vaccines maim and kill” if you can call that a slogan. Did Mila cry when she got her shots? Yes. Did I feel bad? Yes, I don’t even like shots! Could she get sick? It’s a possibility. Do I want her at risk for the diseases those vaccines prevent? Absolutely not! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but mine is that vaccines do far more good than harm! Vaccinating my child not only protects her but thanks to herd immunity, all of us who vaccinate also protect your child or the one who can’t be vaccinated for health reasons, you’re welcome.

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