Raising babies today

Ever since the vegas shooting I think about what it will be like raising a child in todays world. I look at this sweet innocent baby who has no idea what evil there is out there. She’s never felt real fear, disappointment or like she wasn’t good enough. I think about being bullied in middle school. Having my heart broken or my self esteem crushed. It makes my heart ache to think about her ever feeling that way. It seems like everyone I know is struggling with depression or anxiety or addiction or even more commonly a combination of things. Its hard to say if theres less of a stigma and more people are reaching out for help now or if theres just more people hurting than ever before. And why? Did our parents make some mistake? Did they coddle us or ignore the signs? Are we just a weaker generation? A bunch of babies? In most cases I don’t think any of those explain it. I think technology is hugely to blame. From the time I hit puberty, an already tough time for most kids, social media was taking over. If someone didn’t list you as their bestie in their away message or put you in their top eight you wondered why you weren’t good enough. We were taught to base our self worth on the likes our latest picture or status got. I don’t think theres anything our parents could’ve done to stop it either. If they didnt let us online we were left out of the loop, we were missing this whole other world all our friends were a part of. No one had dealt with social media before how could they have known we weren’t learning to value ourselves as people instead of profiles. I think alot of kids had to learn the hard way that the words you type on your key board have a very real life impact on the person on the other side of that screen. It seems like some people never learned that. Think about a time someone called you ugly or fat or insulted you in some way and how it hurt…now think about your sweet baby feeling that way, like they aren’t good enough because of something someone else said about them. It just breaks my heart. If I do anything right as a mom I hope I teach Mila and any other babies that may come to love themselves for who they are, to have self worth, to know how amazing and beautiful and smart they are. Just as importantly I hope I teach them to be kind and that everyone they come across in life is beautiful in their own way and has their own strengths and struggles. I hope I teach them that our differences aren’t what make one person better than another, they are what make us all who we are and how boring life would be if everyone was exactly the same.

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