Why I wanted to be a “Milso”

Well I didn’t. When I was younger I SWORE I’d never date a military guy. Any I had met just seemed like the furthest thing from what I wanted and I just figured it was the military that had made them that way. Then I met Abram.

When I met Abram I had no idea he had any intentions of enlisting and I fell for him fast, scary fast. By the time he told me he wanted to (still the first few weeks of our relationship) it was already too late! I was crazy about him, and still am. His reasons for wanting to join made me admire him more, it gave me an insight to the kind of person he truly was, someone who would honestly give his life for someone else. Not just me or our future children or his friends but truly would give his life for something bigger than himself. Hes the most committed, loyal, dedicated….every word you could think of to describe what you’d look for in a man.

I knew Abram was someone who would do anything for me. He’s also someone who wants to save lives, someone who feels a calling to do more than just your 9 to 5. I know that. I also know that means time apart and all the other things that come along with “this life”.
Some people join for other reasons. Some hope to never deploy and some use it simply as a stepping stone to the next phase of their life. There’s no shame in any of that and I’m grateful for the service anyone gives. There’s also great amazing men that hold all the qualities I mentioned before that aren’t in the military and work regular everyday jobs. No shame in that either. Military life is not for everyone and it sure isn’t for every potential spouse.

But it is for us. We are making it for us. Yes there’s things that suck. Some people can’t imagine why I’d want to be with somone who has to leave all the time. In the last almost 7 months I’ve seen my husband for less than 6 days, but the seperation ends, and this one will soon. I’ve had to handle finances, giving birth, and caring for that baby, along with lots of other things, on my own. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that you’d never do this and, honestly, if you are then you probably couldn’t handle it. No offense.

I do it because I believe in Abram and his goals. I do it because I love my husband and as much as all the hard parts suck I can’t imagine not being there for him during them the same way he’s there for me. The time I get with Abram is worth every second apart and I hope that everyone finds someone who makes them feel this way. I never had to think “is he worth all this?” He made that answer easy. Yes, a hundred times over, YES. Especially now that I’ve seen Abram with Mila and know how strong his love is for not only me but her too. I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

So no, I never wanted to be a military spouse but I love being Abram’s wife so now I wouldn’t want to be anything else. Sometimes life gives you exactly what you want in the form you’d least expect it.


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