Mila’s Birth Story

Our sweet baby girl is already two weeks old tomorrow I can’t believe it. If you follow our lives at all you know that literally nothing we try to plan ever seems to go the way we think it’s going to…. that being said, here is Mila’s birth story 🙂

So, Abram called me on 8/15 and said the possibility of him coming home the weekend of her due date was brought up and I couldn’t believe it. He said not to get my hopes up and I was sure it was a long shot but I was still up all night dreaming of seeing my man again!

Over the next two days it became real! By the 17th we were buying him a plane ticket for the 25th (the day before my due date). At my doctors appointment that week my doctor agreed to induce me while Abram would be home. I was on cloud nine! Not only was I going to get to see my husband for the first time since April but he was going to get to meet our baby girl and be by my side during her birth! Such a dream come true, right??

Well little miss Mila had other plans!

Around 1 am 8/20 I woke up to what I was pretty sure were real contractions but they were super mild and about 10 to 15 min apart. I tried to go back to sleep but I was already sleeping terribly because I was so pregnant so I just stayed up timing them and basically in denial that this could be the beginning of real labor because so many people had told me I’d go past my due date being a first time mom.

At 4am I lost my mucus plug (tmi maybe but whatever) and I was still basically just thinking “holy shit this is it” and then “no these contractions will probably stop any minute”

At 7am I still hadn’t gone back to sleep and my contractions were still 10 min apart so I decided to shower and get some things together in case this really was it and they started to pick up. The shower must have flipped a switch because from there on they were about 5 min apart. And starting to get fairly uncomfortable.

I waited til about 9am to call my doctors office and when the on call ob called me back she basically said it sounded like it could be labor but probably early labor and that I could come get checked if I wanted but she warned that if I wasn’t progressed enough I’d be sent home. I decided to wait it out a little while.

By about 1030 I was still having contractions 5 min apart or less. I wasn’t in a ton of pain but I was really at the point where I wasn’t going to believe this was real until I was checked and a doctor confirmed it. So my mom said “lets just go and see what they say we don’t have anything else to do”

So at 11 am or so we got to triage and sure enough I was almost 4 cm and having regular contractions. They admitted me and got me hooked up, we were having a baby! Apparently Mila did not feel like waiting for daddy!
Meanwhile I had been texting Abram all morning. My messages started out like “man I think I’m having contractions” and “Idk babe I think this might be it I’m gunna call the dr” to “well we’re gunna go to the hospital and see what they say” and “we are having a baby today OMG”. I think at first he didn’t think much of it…then slowly we realized it could really be happening and we were both freaking out alittle! A mixture of excitement and nerves and surprise.
My labor progressed all day. Abram was great, he was constantly checking in, seeing what progress I had made. I’m pretty sure he spent the whole day just sitting by the phone waiting for any update. I actually asked him what he had to do that day and he was like “this!” His excitement was really sweet and made me that much more excited and less nervous. Once I hit 6cm I felt like my contractions were pretty uncomfortable and although the rest of the time I was fine I was afraid to wait any longer and for some reason not be able to get my epidural, or be in so much pain I couldn’t sit still for it. So at 6cm I got it, I don’t remember what time it was but directly after it was in place, they broke my water.

Conveniently enough my phone broke half way through labor…which is especially devastating when you plan on using it to video call your husband during labor/pushing. Luckily I had brought my tablet and we were able to call using that.

The nurses had me get into a couple positions that were supposed to help move the baby down. At this point I felt like she was going to come out but I didn’t know what to expect so I just went with it. Sure enough when they came back to check me again I was fully dilated!

So the doctor said we were going to try pushing and that it could be an hour or two. I decided to call Abram anyway just to be safe because he obviously didn’t mind being on the phone that long and I didn’t want him to miss anything or not be able to get a hold of him quick enough when it was time. Well it was a good thing we called him because not even 40 minutes of pushing later she was here! It only took a couple practice pushes before the doctor said it was go time and had them break the bed down! 

Mila Faye Craven was born at 8:56pm August 20th 2017, 8lbs. 10oz. 19 inches long! 

Abram still got to come home the following weekend and although his visit was way too short and he didn’t get to be physically present for her birth I think everything worked out for the best. He was still able to call during her birth really easily since it was the weekend and I still felt like he was supporting me 100%. We got to spend his time here in the comfort of our home and sleep in our own bed (together! Something we haven’t been able to do since the beginning of march) instead of a hospital room. Abram got to spend every second of his limited time here with his daughter.

At just 5 days old Mila came with me to pick him up from the airport and I can’t come close to finding the words to describe that feeling of having all three of us together. Definitely the homecoming I will remember the most. Nothing makes me quite as happy as this little girl but the way her daddy looks at her is right up there.



  • Kaylee

    September 3, 2017

  • Del Zaborowski

    September 3, 2017

    I’m so happy for you Amanda! This what you have wanted! What a sweet little family you all are! Love you! Your friend Del.


      September 3, 2017

      Thank you so much Del love you!


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