My pregnancy symptoms from the very beginning

As I get closer to my due date (8 days) and the end of my pregnancy I can’t help but start looking for signs and symptoms of impending labor. It reminds me of when I was first hoping to be pregnant but it was still to early to test. I, like probably most women trying to conceive, would wonder about any possible sign. So, here are some of my earliest pregnancy symptoms and some I’ve had throughout my pregnancy.

Some of these may be TMI to certain people so…you’ve been warned…


  1. “implantation bleeding”– This was the very first thing I noticed that made me fairly sure I was pregnant. Basically from what I understand when an egg is fertilized it implants itself into the wall of your uterus and this can cause some slight spotting. A lot of women either never notice this because its such a small amount or just don’t experience it at all.
  2. Bloating!– In that first month or so my stomach was as big as it was at 20 weeks because I was so bloated. Obviously it was not a baby bump yet but it had me trading in my regular jeans for leggings and belly bands from the very beginning because to wear anything tight around my bloated stomach was so uncomfortable.
  3. A positive test– This symptom for most people would probably be a missed period but I got a positive test about a full week before I missed my period, I didn’t even give it a chance to be late. The first few were way too early and came back negative then one was so faint I thought I was making myself crazy but I was SURE I saw something and then sure enough the next morning I had a legit positive.
  4. Morning sickness– or if you’re like me, all day sickness. I had to keep a bowl in the car because I would start gagging at any moment, I couldn’t go anywhere without some kind of plain dry snack, peppermint oils, gum, and ice water or ginger ale. Mine lasted until I was about 14 weeks and was just gone one day (thank God).
  5. Fatigue– I don’t even really know when the fatigue hit me. Between being so sick all the time, the stress of the holidays, getting ready for Abram to leave for basic, and having 5;30 am personal training clients on top of other obligations I just thought I was wore out but it never went away. I am not kidding when I say that you do not know tired until you are pregnant! Even now at almost 39 weeks I’m EXTREMELY tired ALL the time.
  6. Boobs– my boobs grew like the Grinch’s heart this Christmas.


  1. Still fatigued– This was really my only complaint during my second trimester, and having to pee slightly more often.


  1. Having to pee ALL THE TIME– when you have a baby growing inside you, other organs just have to give up some space…if you’re like me and your belly didn’t expand all that much but your baby measures a week ahead then everything is crammed in there behind your abdominal muscles. Add drinking extra water because that’s what they tell you to do while you’re pregnant and you end up making lots of trips to the potty.
  2. Reflux– again, there’s just no room in there, things start getting pushed out of the way to make room for baby. This included stomach acid in my case and this is one of the most annoying symptoms besides the original morning sickness.
  3. Insomnia– I’m not sure if this is because I’m pregnant or just because I’ve had a weird schedule since I stopped working but throw in being uncomfortable because of my growing bump and falling asleep at night has been a challenge.
  4. Fatigue– did I mention I’m ALWAYS TIRED? pregnancy makes you tired, I am not anemic or anything (I was tested). ¬†Your body is working hard to make another body. Plus everything is harder when you suddenly have a huge bump to carry around on the front of you, putting on leggings and socks and tennis shoes is more draining than the walk that follows.
  5. Swelling– This is my most recent symptom. I have barely had any swelling compared to many pregnant women but the little that I’ve had has been in my face, hands and feet.
  6. Carpal tunnel– speaking of swelling, because of the swelling in my hands pressing on nerves and things I have developed carpal tunnel. Basically it makes gripping anything difficult especially right when I wake up or if I’ve been out in the heat for long and my hands go numb randomly if my wrists aren’t kept straight.

Now that I’ve made pregnancy seem really fun and enjoyable…lol. Some of my favorite parts have been being able to feel our little one move, especially when Abram was able to and seeing his reaction. I think its going to be pretty weird in a couple weeks when I don’t have this little jumping bean constantly moving around in my tummy.

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