Why we won’t be announcing when I go into labor

We currently live in the world of over sharing. At literally anytime you can scroll your news feed and read about someones break up, what they had for dinner, or the consistency of their child’s poops. So it’s not at all surprising for people to post those long awaited “it’s time!” or “we’ll be having a baby TODAY!” statuses with pictures of momma-to-be sitting in her delivery room but we won’t be doing that and there are a few reasons why…

…First reason is for my own well-being and sanity. Since becoming pregnant there is almost like a pressure put on you. It’s like a pressure to perform or deliver (no pun intended). I’m fully aware that I am the one who makes myself feel this way by over thinking other people’s reactions and comments but nonetheless it gives me anxiety. I already have anxious tendencies as it is and labor is a time I’d like to keep those feelings to a minimum. In my mind if people know I’m in labor I will basically feel like a bunch of people are waiting around on me to get things done! that’s a lot of pressure when it comes to producing a whole new person from your body!

Second reason: I really just want to be able to take our time with Mila after shes born. It’s going to be a really emotional period, as it would be for any new mom, but not having Abram by my side makes it 100 times more emotional and difficult for me and I don’t want to feel rushed to allow visitors before I’m ready. I know people want to be supportive but no one could fill his shoes in this situation and I just deal with overwhelming things better without extra people around. I really want Abram and I to have time with Mila as a family of 3 even if he can’t be in the room physically! That’s something that would be important to me if he were going to be here and I feel like our new little family still deserves that even if he has to be on a screen and not in person, and it will give me the time I need alone with them to process things!

Which brings me to the last and main reason: Abram will be there for my labor via Video call. I have no idea how service will be in the hospital and we’ve had multiple issues with the video call feature on our phones since he’s been gone, so everyone cross your fingers for us! When you post a big event on social media or tell other people, you inevitably receive more notifications, whether it be texts, likes, comments or calls. While I’m sure these will all be people sending prayers and well wishes for my and Mila’s health and safe arrival, I would probably lose it if we lost connection and Abram misses her birth because my or his phone was blowing up. Since this is such a huge moment and we have to depend on technology I really don’t want to risk any interference! (yes, that’s also anxiety talking but try to put yourself in our shoes lol)

So, if you try to reach me and I don’t respond maybe it’s because I’m in labor! Or maybe it’s just because I’m 37 weeks pregnant and trying to get all the extra sleep I can before I have a new baby here. Either way, hang tight! and trust that we will let everyone know that Mila is here, when we are ready! and if some how you happen to find out I’m in labor or that she has been born before then, please keep it to yourself (trust me I know how hard it’s going to be) and allow us the pleasure of announcing 🙂

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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