36 week Pregnancy Update and Post-Partum Plan

36 weeks! We are going to have a baby VERY soon 🙂 Some of you may know I got pregnant only a few short months after competing and taking second in my very first bikini competition! I basically went from the best physical shape of my life to, well, being pregnant! Competing alone can have a huge impact on someones body image and the changes women experience post show can be hard enough without being pregnant so I thought I’d give an honest update on where I’m at now and what my plan is after Mila is born!

A little background info to start: I competed on Oct. 8th 2016 at 135 lbs, I am 5’10”. My typical body weight is 145-150 lbs when I am not competing.

I found out I was pregnant Dec. 15th, 2016 and at that point I had just gotten back to my normal, happy, healthy weight. I think at my first OB appointment I was 150 lbs. at 10 weeks pregnant.

Fast forward to today July 28th, 2017- I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and sitting around 185 lbs. Now originally I planned to keep my weight gain at or under the suggested 35 lbs. and if you can do math you will see that I did not succeed! However, 40 lbs. is still a healthy amount and being so close to my due date I don’t see that number sky rocketing between now and then!

Could I have done better? Yes! I let pregnancy fatigue and cravings become an acceptable excuse and skipped working out or indulged in extra sweets. I’m human, and very pregnant. Throw in my husband (read: workout partner) being gone and it was easy to slack! but I’m not worried nor am I putting pressure on myself to “bounce back”

Before I got pregnant I was always thin/athletic. I got comments that ranged anywhere from “Just wait til she has babies, and wrecks that cute little body of hers” to “do you even eat!?” or from the people who had seen me eat “it’ll catch up to you one day!”. Then when I found out I was pregnant I got a lot of comments along the lines of “you’ll bounce right back” “you’ll be all belly! you won’t even look pregnant from behind!”. I am sure these last comments were well meaning BUT that is a lot of pressure!

Early in pregnancy I started to obsess over keeping my weight gain minimal so I would have an easier time getting my pre-baby body back. I would feel so bad when the number on the scale went up more than the suggested 1-2 lbs a week and I’d feel guilty when I gave in to pregnancy cravings. In the back of my mind all I could think was “don’t be that girl people see on Facebook and think ‘wow she blew up'”. When you come out of a competition you already have that fear in the back of your mind. People who hated on you competing are just waiting for that post show weight gain to hit you and you can’t help but compare your body to the way it looked on stage!

Then I went to visit Abram after he completed basic, when I was around 23 weeks pregnant. Guys, I felt like a whale. I mean I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid he’d think so too. He didn’t. He still loved me. I actually think I felt even more loved that weekend than ever before. When he put his hand on my belly and could feel Mila’s kicks my heart could have exploded with love and gratitude and excitement. I finally realized that I’m carrying our child and that’s beautiful. I am WAY more proud of my body’s ability to create life than I am of it’s ability to get on stage and look good!

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My Postpartum Plan- Of course I still want to get back in shape after Mila is born but I’m not putting pressure on myself to “bounce back”. I’m not setting unrealistic goals or placing extreme expectations on my body. My goal is to be a healthy, happy and active mama. I plan to ease back into regular work outs simply because I enjoy it and they make me feel good. That will probably consist of just going for walks at first and for a while progress will be slow, that’s okay. Abram isn’t going to be here to help out in the beginning and getting to a gym or making time to workout isn’t going to be easy. Even if he were going to be here it wouldn’t be easy with a new baby. I am choosing ahead of time to be proud of my body at every stage and to spend my time enjoying my life and our daughter instead of stressing over my new mom bod!



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