My Baby Shower

You guys! I cannot believe how incredibly lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives! I am not one to like to be the center of attention or up in front of everyone so I will admit I was really nervous for a shower with the focus on me and my growing babe but everything turned out amazing. Mila is, already, one loved little girl!

The decor was all pink and gold. I believe the building we were in was an old school house and it had a lot of cute character. This post will probably be mainly pictures because everything was so beautiful!

We had totally planned to play 2 or 3 different games which were set out at the tables but only really had time for “baby bingo” while I opened gifts which I don’t think anyone minded

Since Abram has had to miss out on a lot of this pregnancy it was really important to me to include him in some way. So, after seeing something similar on Pinterest I decided I wanted these toy soldiers for people to take home.

As for food we had salad, sandwiches, pasta and macaroni salads, meatballs and deviled eggs. Everything was so good thanks to all the people who offered to bring things and helped with food. We also had a yogurt parfait bar with berries, grapes, and granola that was delicious! By this point in the day I was starving because I’d been running all morning so everything was extra good, to me.

Our cake and cupcakes were from Sam’s club. Again, I was veerrryyy hungry at this point but they were some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! Their cake is so moist and the frosting is a light whipped consistency. Omg. So good! I love my cupcakes as it is and pregnancy has only enhanced my sweet tooth. The chocolates were made by a cousin of ours Tammy Mae Chocolates if you’re from north east Ohio and need chocolates for an occasion check her out she has so many tasty options. We had chocolate covered pretzels at each seat and platters of chocolate covered oreos with chocolates full of caramel and peanut butter at our dessert table.

By the end of this day I was SO TIRED! Thankfully so many people helped throughout the day from set up, to food to clean up and making trips to bring everything back to our house. The third trimester fatigue has really been setting in lately but since the shower I feel so much more prepared for our princess’ arrival. This week I spent my time writing thank you’s, and getting things ready for Mila. I even packed my hospital bag which may sound eager for a first time mom but my mom went into labor with her first (me) and 37 weeks so I’m playing it safe! I’ll share what all I included in that in my next post in the mean time I have a care package to get together for my hubby who I haven’t sent any love (or baked goods) over the last few weeks due to being so busy! 🙂

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