Visiting for BMT Graduation! Part 2

This was turning out to be a longer post than I anticipated so here’s where I’ll continue the second half of our weekend! If you missed the first half, start here!

SATURDAY: Friday night we had planned a time and place to meet on Saturday morning since Abram wouldn’t have his phone. Once again I was there an anxious bright and early! This time I went by myself to pick him up while my friend and her son slept in alittle. We went over to another building to get a paper for free SeaWorld tickets and picked up some Starbucks, of course at this point I needed it. We picked up the others and headed to SeaWorld. I’ll admit I didnt have high hopes for SeaWorld but I was very pleasantly surprised. Mainly I was kind of dreading being so hot. Being pregnant and having to drink tons of fluids in the heat also meant like 100 trips to the bathroom. It was actually really entertaining though. The shows where all in covered (read: shaded) areas and really entertaining. it was a quick visit but we saw what we wanted and it was a really good time.

Saturday night we went to another baseball game because it meant an extra 2 hours of time together and we wanted to soak up all we could. Abram caught a foul ball and I think he was more proud in that moment than during his graduation the day before.

SUNDAY: This day sucked. Well, no it didn’t because I still got to be with Abram for most of it but I knew goodbye was near.

I went to pick him up again and took him back to the house with me. We tried to relax for a little while but I don’t think I could knowing it was my last hours with him for who knows how long. Our last hours together not as parents! Now is when I let a few tears out but I was proud of myself for how well I had kept it together all weekend.

We went to get Abram some new running shoes and went out to eat before we had to head back to base and I had to give him back. It was especially hard because he was allowed to stay out a few more hours but we had to get to the airport and couldn’t stay any longer. On the ride through base to where we were dropping him off I really broke down. I think this goodbye was harder than the one before BMT because then I knew how long it would be until I saw him again. This time I wasn’t for sure. I knew I had to come back to Ohio, have a baby, pack all our belongings, all without my person. I didn’t want to go, I’m pretty sure in that moment I could’ve convinced myself staying there was somehow doable. But once again, and without a doubt not for the last time, he hugged me and kissed me and told me it was going to be okay and I knew he was right.

So, I got back in the car which had to be dropped off at enterprise. We took a shuttle to the airport and I boarded a plane back to Ohio leaving part of myself in Texas until further notice. I cried a few times on my way home. It just sucks to know you have to go back to missing someone but you deal with it because they’re worth it. It’s not easy for Abram either but I know why he’s doing what he’s doing and I’m so proud of him. I feel lucky to be able to call myself his wife and at the end of the day he really is worth missing and the times we’re together are worth so much that the time apart doesn’t seem so bad.

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