Visiting for BMT Graduation! Part 1

I think I started planning and researching for this trip back when Abram just started talking to an Air Force recruiter and no amount of knowledge about where to stay, what to see, the schedule of events, the RULES ever seemed to be enough for me! I’ll admit I was probably alittle obsessive over the whole thing but I had just found out we were expecting and the combination of traveling pregnant and traveling somewhere new without my husband to save the day (or just plain be the one to deal with the people if something went wrong) was alittle nerve wracking. Anyway, here’s my experience traveling to San Antonio for his graduation. Nothing could’ve brought me down after seeing my hubby for the first time in like 7 weeks but trust me things tried!

Let’s start from the beginning:

WEDNESDAY: my lovely mom (bless her) drove us to the Cleveland airport at like 4 in the morning to board our first plane. My best friend and her son traveled with me. Being 22-weeks pregnant I think it was for the best that I wasn’t traveling totally alone. We had a short layover in Nashville, then were in Texas by 11 am. Overall our flights were all great, props to Southwest for being the bomb. We all checked luggage and we checked a car-seat with no issues or charge.

Once we landed in San Antonio is when the stress hit. We originally planned to have two rental cars but fine print and being new to the whole traveling as adults thing put a stop to that real quick! Basically neither of us had any idea they had to have a 200 dollar hold on our credit card on top of the charge for the actual rental. I ended up still being able to get my car I was just irritated at the fact that $200 of my budget for the weekend was being blown right off the bat. This is money you get back when you return the car but it was just the fact that I wasn’t expecting it and the lady at enterprise acted like I was the worlds biggest dummy for not knowing about it.

Then came driving in San Antonio…so stressful. One of the rules new Airmen have to follow graduation weekend is they cant drive and the only rental car was in my name so I was stuck dealing with the weird highways and crazy drivers all weekend. But like I said NOTHING was gunna bring me down!

finally, after driving around and getting a feel for where Lackland afb was and where the house we rented was in relation, we checked into the house. I rented the house first because I thought there would possibly be other family traveling to see him with me. We ended up having way more room than we needed but it was WAY better than getting a hotel room where Abram and I would’ve had zero privacy or alone time and it was cheaper than getting two rooms so it all worked out.


This was the day I got to see Abe for the first time in 7 weeks which now looking back seems like it was so short. I barely slept the night before and we were up and ready to pull in Lackland’s gates as soon as they were accepting people. Then they make you get briefed about the day and the rules before you head out to where you watch the airmans run. The first time Abram went by I couldn’t even tell which one was him but when they came back around I spotted him! Such a tease because you just wanna run out there and grab them but you cant.

Between the run and the coin ceremony there was a spouses briefing but we already found our way to some good seats right in front of where he was going to be and I didn’t think it was worth possibly losing them to go to so I skipped it (oh well).

During the coin ceremony I was able to spot Abram and it felt like the longest ceremony ever after that because I knew once they released them right where to go to tap him out.

one of the many rules they have to follow grad weekend, and really from then on whenever in uniform, is no PDA. When I tapped Abram out it was very quick he literally didn’t even kiss me on the mouth! But I know he’d probably been told 100 times to save the touchy feely stuff so I didn’t take it personally. It’s honestly so hard on Thursday because you finally have them back but you can’t touch, hold hands, kiss, nothing, and you’re only allowed on base that day so they’re being watched.

I should add some people get a hotel on base for the weekend or just Thursday so they can get some down time but Abram requested a hotel off base and I wasn’t going to get one just for the day. Although that day it’s easy to wish you had one to go back to and hide out.

FRIDAY:ย Thursday Abram had shown us where we were going to have to go for the actual graduation ceremony so we were up and there first thing. This tap out I made sure to get my kiss ๐Ÿ˜‰

Friday he was allowed to leave with us which was the best. We went back to the house so I could change and we could have some alone time….

For lunch we went to the Riverwalk. We ate at a Mexican place called Rita’s on the Riverย it was awesome. during the coin ceremony the day before they gave out vouchers so airman could eat free but we missed it and they comp’d Abe’s meal anyway.

It was SO HOT. Walking around the Riverwalk was almost too much so we decided to go on a boat tour. Well, there was no shade once we got on the river at all and the boat didn’t go fast enough to create any kind of breeze. It was interesting though just too hot to really enjoy.

This night the Airmen were allowed to stay out late if they went to a baseball game so of course we went! I ate hotdogs and Abram enjoyed his extra freedom. ๐Ÿ™‚

for the rest of the weekends events head here!

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